Accounts Receivable Financing for the Growth of Your Business

When it comes to accounts receivable, you may not have realized all those invoices waiting for their 90 day payment can actually bring you some working capital even sooner. At Hopp Commercial Funding, we purchase your accounts receivable invoices, giving you the cash you need to grow your business today. Whether you sell services or products, we assist both startups and companies that are struggling to secure the funds needed to improve. Selling this asset to us will truly help you get ahead.

The Particulars of Financing Receivables

When considering financing receivables, realize there are a lot of benefits you’ll quickly experience. They include:

  • Free credit insurance (qualifying clients)
  • The opportunity to take advantage of seasonal demands
  • The confidence to take on new accounts
  • Cash in hand in as little as one day
  • Financing for any type of business
  • No random loan board decisions
  • No fixed payments

Another benefit is you’ll have the cash you need to do what you see is best for your company. This might include taking care of payroll, increasing inventory, taking advantage of bulk discounts or having expansion costs. The sky’s the limit when you have the money you need.

Getting Started

To learn more about how accounts receivable financing can benefit your business, contact Hopp Commercial Funding today. We look forward to assisting you in growing your business.