Keep Your Business Working With Purchase Order Financing

One of the biggest obstacles to a growing business’s progress is having cash flow that limits your ability to take new orders, and it’s an issue every growing business faces eventually. When that problem rears its head, the thing to do is to take stock of your options for raising working capital. If you build or source merchandise for customers, purchase order financing could just solve your problem. It’s usable for each order that comes in, and you don’t have to worry about long-term debt or the dilution of your investment.

Factoring for Pre-Sold Merchandise

This kind of financing is a form of factoring available exclusively to those who make goods, to fund their ability to start work. It allows you to purchase supplies and fund your labor, so you can make the goods and get your payment. Since it’s a form of factoring, the costs are based on how quickly your customers pay, and Hopp Commercial Funding will manage collections, sending you the remainder after subtracting the amount of your advance and the financing fees.

Benefits for Small Businesses

On top of never having to turn down an order again, there are a few other benefits to financing purchase orders.

  • Predictable costs can be included in quotes
  • Useful whenever you need it
  • Ensures working capital during periods of low cash flow

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