Get Flexible Working Capital With a Line of Credit

Unsecured business lines of credit offer entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to build business credit while accessing the financing they need to allow small companies to expand. They are about as flexible as financing gets, with many features that make them even more useful than business credit cards. Neither is a replacement for the other, and if you can access both, it’s a great way to build a business credit score up more quickly than before.

The Hopp Commercial Funding Program

When you work with us to get your business a credit line, most companies will be able to access between $50,000 and $500,000, depending on the company’s financials.

  • Rates are one to five points above prime
  • Zero percent introductory borrowing period incentives
  • Flexible credit lines grow with your business—just ask for a re-evaluation
  • Reuse your credit as often as you need to—draw on the available balance like cash

Flexible credit lines are a vital tool for many businesses, because they allow you to access capital whenever you need it without extra paperwork or application waiting times. That makes them incredibly powerful as cash flow management tools. To learn more about how they fit in your company’s credit portfolio, contact our team today. They can help you with a quick pre-application credit screening and answer your questions.