How Well-Being Programs Can Benefit Both Employees and Your Company

A stressed-out and unhealthy workforce isn’t exactly a blueprint for a successful business. More and more, companies are introducing well-being programs to help their employees live healthier lifestyles and even confront personal problems. But these programs don’t just help the employees. Here are some of the ways they are “win/wins” for companies as well.

Healthier Employees Leads to Healthier Productivity

It doesn’t take a medical degree to know that healthy people are more energetic and therefore more alert and productive. Whether it’s someone who is feeling the positive effects of losing some weight or an employee who no longer has to sneak off for a cigarette due to an incentive to quit smoking, the benefits add up quickly.

Lower Health Costs (For Everyone!)

Good physical and mental health usually means fewer trips to the doctor’s office. That’s obviously helpful for staff members’ pocketbooks, but it can help the company’s bottom line as well. Many companies who offer health insurance see lower rates when the insurer pays out less. In fact, some insurance companies will offer a discount to businesses just for having a well-being program in place!

Some companies offer incentives for annual physicals. This can pay off in a big way long-term for both businesses and employees. Early detection of chronic issues can lead to preventative measures that will eliminate the need for transplants, surgeries, or medical equipment. In some more drastic cases, it could even save a person’s life!

Opportunities for Training and Education

Many companies offer regular training, and many of them find their employees disengage from it or find it boring. But if the well-being programs are incorporated into the training, staff members will see the benefits. This can range from easy tips to incorporate exercise into your work day, diet and nutrition education or information to simply explaining how to access your company’s resources for help.

Creating a Culture of Caring

Lastly, don’t overlook the benefit of employees feeling valued. Many well-being programs include counseling resources to help with everything from a death in the family, to divorces to help with alcohol and drug abuse. Just knowing that their employer cares enough about them to offer these services can make employees feel appreciated and take pride in their company.

With well-being programs, everyone comes out a winner. Employees can reap the benefits to their physical and mental health, and companies can enjoy a healthier, happier staff, and a healthier bottom line!


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