Great Benefits for Referrals and In-House Brokers

Hopp Commercial Funding understands that the finance industry is built on relationships, because lending is by its very nature an act of trust. That’s why we work hard to hold our team to the highest standard, and it’s why we offer outside brokers clear and up-front terms when they send work our way. You can relax when you work with us, because it’s always our policy to refer clients back to you if they try to bring us another project on their own. On top of that, you’ll find our referral and broker program’s fee structure very competitive, so there are plenty of reasons to keep working with our team.

In-House Brokers Empowered to Succeed

If you’re looking to make a change and you want to work with a great team who will always make it their goal to help you find the financing your clients need. If you’re wondering whether you’re a good fit for us or not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you ready to work in an environment where no client is too big for our team to finance and no client is too small to be worth the time?
  • Do you want to give back to a team where everyone works together to finance one another’s clients?
  • Are you ready to step up your game and deliver the performance that commands some of the best commissions and fees in the industry?
  • Are you helpful, happy, and positive when working with outside brokers and clients?
  • Do you find yourself ready to go with little need for outside motivators?
  • Are you organized and goal-oriented?

The more often you said yes, the more we want to hear from you. When you join our team, you not only get to work with a lot of other people who said yes, you also get access to our remote financing tools, so you can work from anywhere to set up deals for your clients.